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How to Get Started


This guide is for the new user who knows little or nothing about surface chemistry and its instrumentation.

  1. Learn a little about contact angles and interfacial (surface) tension from these two introductory documents. These will give you a physical feel for what is involved.

  2. If you can not yet connect the physical chemistry of contact angles and interfacial tension to your application, look through the Papers section of this website for something related to your problem.

  3. Once you have a feel for the meaurements, consider how much to spend to get data.

  4. Now you should look through the new FTA1000 catalog for the current lineup of general purpose instruments, or see legacy and specialized instruments which include the FTA2000 and FTA4000. You can also browse through the Products section of this web site.

  5. An on-line guide to budgetary prices is available.

  6. If you already know how to operate these instruments, consider a self-guided demo. Otherwise, you may wish to have an evaluation sample run.

  7. If you are not familiar with surface tension and contact angle measurements, you may wish to come to the FTA office for a free training session. This will teach you the basics of surface chemistry and how to make measurements. You can bring some of your own samples, if you wish.

  8. Similarly, if you have purchased an instrument from FTA, free training is available at the FTA office. This is particularly helpful when you can schedule the visit before your instrument is shipped. Then you can work with the same unit you will receive.

  9. On-site training varies with your region of the world. Within the United States, we price our instruments without training. There is a separate charge for on-site training. (Remember, training at FTA offices is free.) In other parts of the world, customs vary. You should consult your local distributor for details.

  10. For additional training options, see Internet support options.

  11. If you can stand an advertisement for FTA, click here.

  12. Finally, you can always talk to one of our friendly staff at FTA by calling 1.757.393.1584 during eastern time zone business hours.

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