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Interfacial Tension Cuvette Holder

This holder for standard 12 x 12 x 45mm, 4.5 milliliter cuvettes can be temperature stabilized by an external bath. The cuvette is entirely surrounded by the holder, as the photo below shows.

The holder has two windows so normal backlit drop shape images can be formed.

A Teflon cap seals the top. The cap is drilled for 20GA, 22GA, or 27GA needles. The photo shows a 27GA needle inserted through the cap. The entire holder can be rotated 180 degrees so the needle enters from the bottom. The photo below shows the holder mounted on an FTA200. A connecting tube runs between the syringe pump and the needle in the cap. The holder is mounted in the rotated position in this photo.

An optional internal plug is available that can serve as a stage for test surfaces to be used in liquid-liquid-solid or liquid-vapor-solid measurements.

Order number 20-07A.

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