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Interfacial Tension Chamber

The IFT Chamber is optimized for interfacial tension work but can also be useful for contact angle measurements when the atmosphere must be tightly controlled. The IFT Chamber works on the FTA188 and the FTA200. Its temperature is controlled by an external circulating bath. Depending on the bath and the circulating fluid, this can be from -20 to +200C.

The IFT Chamber can be used for liquid-vapor, liquid-liquid, liquid-solid-vapor, and liquid-liquid-solid measurements. The dispense needle can approach from above or from below.


Fill and drain ports are provided for the surrounding liquid when liquid-liquid setups are desired. These can also be used to pressurize the chamber up to 6 bar.

The sample stage is on a linear slide that can be moved from the outside. Two separate contact angle samples can be loaded and measured in one cycle. The slide is removable when desired.

The chamber is easily disassembled for complete cleaning. This is necessary when the liquids used can not be easily flushed out, oils being an example.

Order number 20-06.

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