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Instrument Tilt Stage

The instrument tilt stage can tilt FTA188 and FTA200 systems through 90 degrees for advancing and receding contact angle measurements under software control. The FTA188 and FTA200 are easily attached and removed from the tilt stage.


FTA188 being tilted by the stage.

The profound advantage for advancing/receding contact angle analysis is that the camera is tilted simultaneously so the drop always appears to be sitting on a horizontal surface. This makes contact angle image analysis much easier. Non-spherical drop shape analysis is used so separate "downhill," or advancing, and "uphill," or receding, contact angles are measured.

The tilt stage is software programmable for speeds up to 1 degree per second. Slow speeds are used to minimize vibration. Higher speeds are available, if required, by optional motors. The user can also program the range of tilt.

The stage comes in two lengths: a short version for the normal FTA188 and a long version for the FTA200 and for FTA188's fitted with the automatic rotate stage.

Order number for FTA188 version: 18-10.

Order number for FTA200 version: 20-10.


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