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Sample Policy

Prospective customers may wish FTA to measure evaluation samples, which can do under the following conditions. Note we will run only enough data to demonstrate the ability to make satisfactory measurements; we can not carry out exhaustive studies gratis.

First, we list safety and disposal requirements:

  • No samples that constitute a safety or health hazard will be accepted. FTA does not maintain a fume hood, eye wash station, or emergency clean-up kits.

  • No samples that can not be disposed of as household trash will be accepted unless the customer arranges and pays for transportation back to the originating site.

Second, with respect to supplies,

  • Customers must furnish all chemicals required. FTA can only furnish DI water. We can mix solutions when the customer furnishes all components in pre-measured quantities.

  • All interfacial tension (IFT) measurements are made at room temperature.

  • The customer must furnish the density of all liquids used in IFT measurements. If the density is not known, we will assume it is 1 (water-like).

Third, with respect to the privacy of the resulting data,

  • If the samples are run without charge, the data will be posted on the FTA website. Tradenames and the customer's name will be removed. Only generic terms, such as "ink jet ink", "cosmetic lotion", "blood product", "lung fluid", "detergent", "oil", "solder", etc., will be used for the samples. The customer will not be referred to in any way.

  • If the samples are run for the standard contract work fee, no data will be disclosed to outside parties.

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