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Why Should You Do Business with First Ten Angstroms

  • FTA is devoted to contact angle, surface tension, and surface energy instrumentation. It is our only business and we do it well.

  • FTA provides a truly useful engineering website for surface science workers.

  • FTA provides excellent applications assistance. Customers are free to e-mail questions at any time (and they do!). These are the basis of the many application notes and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on this website. Suggestions for improvements or additions to the software are graciously accepted and are implemented whenever possible.

  • FTA software is upgraded without charge as improvements become available. You can download the latest version at any time from this website. The license is sitewide meaning you as the customer can make as many copies as you wish for use in your institution.

  • All FTA instruments are quality products which deliver reliable data that you can depend on. We build instruments as economically as possible that still deliver professional results.

By the way, the name of the company emphasizes that these measurements, and these chemical effects, are entirely determined by the few atomic layers next to the surface. Ten angstroms, or one nanometer, is the effective range. It is roughly three atomic layers.

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