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Last website update: 8 December 2015



  • Build 378 is latest 2.1 software update.




Demos and Support

  • Live Internet based training for initial installation. Includes real time web cam and audio.                                  For more info see Live Support Over the Internet.

  • Live Internet based demos of instruments. You see your sample run in real time on instrument at FTA.


Demo and Rental Instruments

Two FTA1000 B frame instruments, a simple manual and an automated one, are available for rental or self-guided demo at your location. Consult FTA sales for further information.


Contract Measurements

Contract (for-fee) measurements are available in two FTA laboratories: Newark, California and Cambridge, England.

Newark has

  • contact angle

  • interfacial tension

  • interfacial dilational stress rheology


Cambridge has these and, in addition,


  • interfacial shear stress rheology

  • Wilhelmy balance contact angle and surface tension

  • bubble pressure tensiometry

For additional information, contact Kevin Peters at

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