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How To Get Help

Most questions are answered by the FAQ and papers on this website. Each question that comes into FTA is logged and the answer works its way onto the website.

New installations require that you read the How to Install documents very carefully. These also help if suddenly something stops working.

If you are having trouble with video, see What To Do If You Have No Video. This has the known causes and cures for video problems.

If your system is located outside the United States, you should contact your local distributor. For those customers within the United States, or if your local distributor can not assist you:


  • If you are bringing up a new instrument (but not simply a software upgrade), call the FTA office, 1.757.393.1584, during East Coast business hours and ask for Sales. Make sure you have either your software license number (listed on the LogOn screen if you have loaded the software) or the instrument serial number (located on the instrument label) so the FTA office can identify your instrument. We will need this information so we can access the records for your instrument. Please do not call without this information. After the initial run-up of the instrument, please use one of the following support mechanisms.

  • All others, including software upgrades, should e-mail their question or problem. Please state


      System type (FTA125, FTA200, etc.)

      Software version (from Help | About)

    • Description of problem 

    You can expect an answer within one business day. There is no charge for this service.


  • Telephone support, initiated by the user, is available on a for-fee basis. You always have the option of no-charge e-mail support. If you prefer direct telephone support, please have a purchase order number, VISA or Master-Charge card ready when you call. The fee is $100 per incident. Call 1.757.393.1584 during East Coast business hours and ask for Tech Support.


The best and quickest way to get assistance is via e-mail to


Finally, if English is a second language for you, you may want to consider e-mail as a more efficient way to transfer insformation than the telephone.


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