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Demo Unit Terms and Conditions

Often a prospective customer wishes to run evaluation samples on an instrument prior to purchase. One way to do this is to have a demo unit at your site. This can be arranged under conditions discussed below. Another way is to have FTA run an evaluation sample. Yet another way is to look through the papers section of this website and find similar applications already reported.


On-site demos consist of a machine shipped to your work site which you then operate. You are expected to know enough about making the measurement that you can follow the documentation. This is not a substitute for formal training. If you have never made similar measurements, you should not attempt this.


Two types of instruments are available for on-site demo. One is a simple all-manual FTA1000 B frame (order number B 1A3 310) and the other is a B frame with automated dispense and tip Z touch-off (order number B 2BA 131). These are the only two types available in the demo program but they represent the range of capabilities you can choose from. They will give you a good idea of the performance of the instrument you finally choose. All FTA drop shape instruments run the same software, so your final choice will be identical in this regard.


The instrument comes complete with a laptop computer that is ready-to-run. You install no software. You simply remove the instrument and the laptop from the reuseable shipping case, plug two cables in, and start the laptop. A pictorial manual is included that will guide you through operation.


Demo Unit Terms and Conditions


  • Customer pays for shipping, including insurance, both ways. The value of the manual system with laptop is $5000 and the value of the automated system with laptop is $15000.

  • The customer's institution must issue an open purchase order for the value of the equipment in case it is lost or damaged. There will be a clean-up charge if the equipment is returned in soiled or dirty condition.

  • The equipment must be returned to FTA within two weeks of the outgoing ship date. Equipment kept longer will be treated as a rental.

  • Demo equipment will make all measurements but the software is inhibited from saving data in some forms. If you want to make reports, you should consider a rental unit which will not have this restriction.

  • General telephone support is not included with the demo. The instrument should run according to the instructional guide as it comes out of the case. You can, of course, submit e-mail questions through our normal support channel.


Rental Unit Terms and Conditions


  • Rental fees do not apply towards the purchase of an instrument.

  • Rental of the automated unit is $600 per week.

  • Rental of the manual unit is $200 per week.

  • Rentals are for a week or portion thereof, measured from the outgoing ship date from FTA to the unit's return to FTA.

  • The same terms and conditions that apply to demo units apply to rental units except that data storage is unrestricted.


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