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Rotate Theta Stage

The rotate theta stage will hold up to 8 inch, 200mm diameter wafers or similar specimens. Rotation is motor driven and controlled from the software. It is normally used to obtain contact angles around the circumference of the specimen.

The stage can be positioned radially from the camera so the circle of inspection has a radius from zero, the center, out to the radius of the sample. A rack-and-pinion mechanism allows easy Z adjustment.


Rotary stage mounted on an FTA188.


Delrin clips will hold a wafer in place and off the surface of the platter. These also adjust to smaller diameters. A 12 inch, 300mm diameter platter is available on special order. The platter is fastened with a single M6 flathead screw in its center and can easily be replaced by the customer's own platter.

In addition to analyzing wafers, the platter can be adapted to hold many small contact angle samples around its periphery. The 200mm diameter platter has a circumference of over 600mm, allowing many small samples to be measured at once.

Order number for use with FTA188: 18-20.

Order number for use with FTA200: 20-20.


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